A collection of our best digital resources to launch or grow your business


We’re so excited to share these digital resources with you. They contain all our shared knowledge and expertise, which we’ve tailored to make sure it is useful for you.

We wanted to focus on the practical steps you should follow to create a plan, launch a campaign or understand your audience online. Each resource provides a very pragmatic solution to your questions, paired with useful frameworks and templates that can be used again and again.

We know everyone learns in a different way, so choose the format that best adapts to you; whether it’s an hour long live masterclass, an easy-to-read guide or a course that you can take it in step by step.


Our most comprehensive toolkit to attract and convert your social media audiences into customers by using video marketing techniques.

This course offers you the flexibility to learn on your time and be supported by a team of digital experts with years of experience creating videos for social media platforms. In just 10 weeks you will be ready to launch your first online video campaign. It includes downloadable templates, video lectures, access to a private group of peers, live Q&As, and much more.

social video guide

If you still do not know how video on social media can help you attract an audience, raise awareness or grow your business, it’s time for you to read our complete guide on social video. We give you the research, the strategic frameworks and the details of how to use video on each of the social platforms. Download it before 31st May to get it for free. 

social video making

A course delivered to your inbox every week with a challenge to focus on. In six weeks you will go through six simple challenges to build your social video campaign.

Packed with video lessons, downloadable templates and loads of tips, this course has already been completed by over 1,000 people. It gets you started with the basic knowledge to create content for social media. Step by step. Now available for a limited period. 

mobile phone facebook

Soon, we’ll be opening a very exciting new challenge. You will be invited to a facebook private group, where we’ll post daily videos, set you challenges and give you tips to build a social media strategy for your business in just one week. And guess what? All free. You just need to pre-register below and we’ll send you the information when it opens.


In this hour-long masterclass, you will quickly learn why social video has become such an important tool for brands, and how businesses of any size can create succesful videos. You will learn how to achieve amazing results by applying our five simple principles. On sale for a limited period. 

person writing a plan

You are ready to launch your business, you have a brand new website and a rough plan for how you will promote it online. How do you know your strategy is the right one?

If you would like an expert’s view on your digital marketing plans, to know you are heading in the right direction and you have not missed anything crucial, book a session with one of our digital experts. We will assess your strategy and offer you best-in-class recommendations.