5 big stats that say why video is more important than ever in 2019

In 2018 we spent some time observing and reporting on the growth of video marketing in social media. Now, at the start of a new year, it’s time for a pulse check. The 5 big stats below show with no uncertainty that the use of and appetite for video content is going through the roof and that trend is set to continue through 2019. No matter the size of your business, if you’re not using video in your marketing or you think you could be doing it better, you have to act now.

Today, authenticity is valued far above the super slick productions of brands that don’t allow themselves to loosen up a bit now and again. That, coupled with the fact that the ease and price of producing videos gets more agreeable everyday (if all you have is a smartphone, a smartphone will do just fine!), means that smaller brands or individual marketers have the same potential for impact and the same tools that big businesses have. A cleverly made and promoted video has the potential to reach billions!

As you probably know, connecting with your audience is all about storytelling, and video will tell your story in a far more compelling way than any other media. In the past telling your story needed some real commitment from the listener, but with social video stories can be told in seconds, in the places your audience is already looking. Video is proven to stop people scrolling through their social feeds, it shows products in the most compelling way, and it makes people remember you.

So, let’s take a look at those big statistics:

500 million people watch Facebook videos everyday. So on only one platform, there’s an audience the size of the population of several large countries that could see your content.

80% of all internet traffic comes from video. Video is what engages, and starts people on their journey to your website and your products and services.

19% increase in email open rate if they include video. Perhaps email is no longer your channel of choice but it is still a part of most marketing repertoires. Utilising edits of your videos here brings great results.

90% say videos help make buying decisions. Video is the closest thing to seeing a product or meeting an individual in the real world. It engages buyers and delivers the information they need in the most compelling way.

80% potential increase in conversion. When it comes to conversion, still photography just does not deliver the same assurance to shoppers. When they see a product in video, they know if it’s what they want or not.

So, with a gigantic audience ready in waiting, a guaranteed super boost to your website traffic and brand exposure, multiple avenues to further leverage your content (like email), the most effective way of helping your customers find what they need, and a conversion rate that could go through the roof, isn’t it time to ask yourself, what’s stopping me for getting started with social video right now!?

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