Your business plan, your website and your products are ready to go to market. The only thing you need is a plan to launch your brand online.

This program is an affordable solution that will solve all your doubts before you start promoting your products or services online. If you don’t know where to start, where you can connect with your target audience, or how to convince them that they should rely on your business, let us help you.

The ‘Start up’ pack is designed to support all the entrepreneurs out there. In just four weeks, you will gain a better understanding to deal with your online marketing strategy.

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Digital Marketing Assesment
This audit will help you understand your current situation, as well as the challenges you face, and the actions you should take.

Next stage recommendations
After assessing the current status of your brand, we will send you a basic plan to follow.

Digital Expert 60-minute session
You will have access to an exclusive webinar concerning your specific problems.


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