You will receive a 30-minute recording of the live session once you have bought it. This online session is based on the Social Video Masterclass that was delivered at London Business School to MBA students from around the world.


  • How video can help you overcome the changes to Facebook's algorithm
  • Three brilliant case studies and why they work
  • Five simple steps to create videos that connect with people
  • Why social video can boost your marketing efforts
  • What you need to start sharing your story using video on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram

A very experienced and knowledgable instructor

You will have the opportunity to learn from a very experience professional, who has worked in the areas of video marketing and social media for over 13 years now. Pilar has consulted for global brands such as Coca Cola, Nokia, Sony Pictures, Sony PlayStation, Credit Suisse and many more.

She is also a trainer for the Google Digital Academy, teaching brands around Europe in digital areas such as programmatic marketing, branded content and mobile strategy. She’s also a course leader for Emeritus Institute of Management, coaching executives around the world in two programmes developed by Columbia Business School: Digital Strategies for Business and Digital Marketing Strategies.



In today’s marketplace, it’s no longer pun-laden slogans or relentless price messaging that potential customers engage with. What really resonates is an emotional connection, and telling your story is the most compelling way to make that connection.

This is great news, because it means that the small business owners among us that have genuine stories to tell and have real love for what we do, are the most likely to rise to the top.

One of the best ways to communicate your story is through video on social media. The accessibility and affordability of today’s technology combined with the instant and targeted distribution of social media, mean that now is the time for you to tell your story.


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