Digital Assessment Tool and Digital Audit: We have created our own assessment tool (online questionnaire) to evaluate your target customer, goals, capabilities and resources. This is the first step to build your strategy. If needed, this will be complemented with research using digital trends and social listening tools.

Digital Consultations: This proposal includes 3 online consultations with one of our strategists.

Recommendations and support: Your strategist will provide you with a document full of recommendations, access to planning templates and support during the whole process.

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This programme gives you access to three consultancy sessions with one of our experts, working with tools and templates we have designed to develop your digital strategy.

There are four steps to this programme and you will be supported by your strategist during the whole process.

  1. Digital Strategy Assessment: you will be sent a questionnaire to be filled out to evaluate your current state and needs vs. your desired target state. This will help us identify opportunities and gaps.
  2. First consultancy session: In this first meeting, your strategist will advise you on what channels and tactics will be most effective to achieve your goals. Key actions will be agreed between both parts to either do further research or further define the areas that need more work.
  3. Second consultancy session: you will meet again to review the initial digital plans. The strategist will provide you with feedback and advice on the channels, messaging, content and advertising plans.
  4. Third consultancy session: this meeting will be used to solve any questions about implementation and get ready to launch your first campaign. This session can also be used during implementation if any issues arise.



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