You are about to launch a new product or campaign and don’t know where to start? Find out how we can help you with our Launch package. If any of these situations sound familiar, this is what you need.

  1. You already offer your product or service in your country, and you have a global expansion plan. However, you need more data in order to figure out what is the best strategy for an international market launch.
  2. More than 50% of your sales come from foreign countries and you want to optimise your digital marketing in those markets to maximise your profits.
  3. So far, your business has operated only in English, but you are ready to attract new international customers.
  4. You want to enter the European market, but the myriad of languages ​​and diversity of cultures make you think you need a substantial investment to have an impact.


In this case, you need the help of digital marketing professionals with experience in the international market. As digital media experts, we have helped people like you to boost their products or services worldwide. Our method focuses on looking for opportunities and identifying potential risks in each of the markets you wish to operate your business.

How we do it

Our method entails only three steps, but the results of this study will help you make the right decisions before committing fully. This is what we will do:

STEP 1: Research your potential market

One of our local analysts will prepare a tailored study for your brand, product or service. You will receive a complete report about your target audience in your chosen country including:

  • Behaviours, interests and affinity to publications, sectors and product types
  • Social networks or platforms they use and what they use them for
  • What content they consume
  • Conversations about your brand or your sector in social networks, blogs and review sites (social listening)
  • Keywords or key phrases (SEO) that present key opportunities for your brand, product or service


STEP 2: Competitor analysis

Your local analyst will study the online presence of up to 3 of your competitors. You will receive a complete report on each of them, including:

  • Their online presence and marketing strategy in social networks
  • Comments on their website and content marketing strategy
  • A SWOT analysis exposing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats compared to your competitors


STEP 3: Bespoke digital solution for your business

One of our consultants will review both reports and will be responsible for creating a strategic framework so that you can take advantage of the opportunity we have identified for you. We will deliver a final document with all the recommendations and you will also have the opportunity to speak with your consultant via Skype.

*It includes a 90 minutes session with your digital marketing expert, in which they will explain the plan to follow


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